My name is Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa and I am a fifth year PhD Sociology candidate at York University, Toronto, Ontario, with a joint honors degree in Sociology and English Language and Literature and a Master’s degree in Sociology from Western University. I do gender, sex and sexuality studies with a concentration on queer, postcolonial, and Black feminist theories. Grounded in my lived experiences as a second-generation, gender nonbinary queer woman of colour, my academic work is motivated by my desire to produce meaningful research that aims to mobilize agitational spaces on behalf of Queer and Trans* Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in Toronto/Three Fire Territories and beyond. Specifically, my dissertation focuses on how to vision a historical memory of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour HIV/AIDS organizing in Toronto using a queer-postcolonial, Black feminist lens. Beyond my academic work, I am also an award-winning teachers assistant, published poet, and community activist.