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My name is Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa (they/them/she/her) and I am a PhD Sociology candidate at York University, as well as a creative writer, educator, and community organizer across Central Southern Ontario. Grounded in my lived experiences as a second-generation, gender nonbinary queer woman of colour and community organizer, my academic work is motivated by my desire to produce meaningful research that mobilizes agitational spaces on behalf of racialized and Indigenous gender and sexual minorities. My PhD dissertation specifically explores how to promote a collective memory of HIV/AIDS resistance among different generations of non-white gender and sexuality activists within Tkaronto and beyond. I am also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of New Sociology: Journal of Critical Praxis, a graduate journal conceived by and for non-white, queer, trans, disabled, and/or feminist students, activists, and creatives, as well as the curator of Erotic Pedagogy: an online resource designed to help PK-12 educators develop intersectional, anti-colonial, and anti-racist sexual education lesson plans, funded by SOGI UBC. Outside academia, I am a cofounder of The People's Pantry, a food justice mutual aid group that feeds families from Tkaronto to the Haldimand Tract, and the founder of Paper Roads, a traveling library for folx living in or around the southwest border of the GTHA. 

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