My name is Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa and I am a PhD Sociology candidate at York University, Tkaronto, Ontario, as well as a creative writer and community organizer within and across The Greater Tkaronto Area, Attiwandaronia (Hamilton), the city known as Guelph, and the Haldimand Tract (the Tri-Cities). I do gender, sex and sexuality studies with a concentration on queer, trans, postcolonial, and Black feminist theories. Grounded in my lived experiences as a second-generation, gender nonbinary queer woman of colour and activist, my academic work is motivated by my desire to produce meaningful research that mobilizes agitational spaces on behalf of Queer, Trans, and Femme Black, Brown, Asian, and Indigenous communities in Tkaronto/Three Fire Territories and beyond. Specifically, my dissertation explores how to vision a collective memory of HIV/AIDS organizing in Tkaronto using a queer-feminist Black and of colour approach. Further, I am founder and Editor-in-Chief of New Sociology: Journal of Critical Praxis, a graduate journal conceived by and for non-white queer, trans, and femme students, activists, and creatives. Outside academia, I am a cofounder of The People's Pantry, a food justice mutual aid group feeding families across Southern Ontario, and the founder of Paper Roads, a social justice themed traveling library for low-income, racialized, and Indigenous folx in the Halton region, Attiwandaronia, Guelph, and the Haldimand Tract. I am also an award-winning teachers assistant and published creative writer.