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Community Organizing

Erotic Pedagogy: QTBIPOC Sexual Education

Curator and Principal Investigator

An open access sex ed Instagram page featuring QTBIPOC, funded by SOGI UBC Research to Practice Microgrant Program. Forthcoming, the page will feature storytelling videos of QTBIPOC in Tkaronto, the GTHA, and Tri-Cities-Guelph, in addition to infographics on how to decolonialize sexual education lesson plans. 

Paper Roads: A Traveling Library

Founder and Executive Director

Paper Roads is a grassroots traveling social justice library that delivers books for loan to low-income, racialized, and Indigenous communities in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Attiwandaronia (Hamilton), Guelph, and the Haldimand Tract (the Tri-Cities), completely free of charge, while also supporting local QT/BIPOC authors and bookstores. To volunteer, donate, or loan books, click here

The People's Pantry 

Cofounder and Leader

The People’s Pantry brings food, groceries, and community connection, free of charge, no questions asked, to those experiencing food insecurity and poverty as a result of white supremacy, anti-Black racism, racial capitalism, settler colonialism, whorephobia, transphobia, sexism, queerphobia, and the many other systems of violence that kill and let die marginalized communities in Toronto/Three Fires Territories and beyond. To learn more, click here

New Sociology: Journal of Critical Praxis 

Founder and Editor-in-Chief 

New Sociology is a peer reviewed, academic journal organized and maintained by Femme, Queer, Trans and Racialized sociology graduate students at York university. Read our latest issue or submit to our journal here. 

Select Public Sociology & Media Appearances 

Banerji, A., & Da Costa, J. (2023, November 11). Still Brazen Episode 4: “‘I Don’t Want to Be Pretty, But I Do Want to Be Brown’: Anurima Banerji and Jade Da Costa in Conversation about Constructing South Asian Femme-ness through Poetry [Center of Feminist Research Podcast]. Available here

Da Costa, J. (2023, May 16). Sexuality Studies for Critical Classrooms and Mutual Aid with Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa and Amanda Selvaggi S3ep1[Sexuality Studies Spotlight Podcast]. Available here.


Da Costa, J. (2023, January 28). The pandemic prompted people to care for their neighbours like never before. What’s next for mutual aid groups? [Globe and Mail Interview]. Available here. 

Da Costa, J. (2022, July 20). “Number of volunteers dropping just as demand is spiking, Toronto community groups warn”. [CBC Interview]. Available here.

Da Costa, J. (2021, May 20) ‘Solidarity, not charity’: The People’s Pantry connects volunteer cooks with those experiencing food insecurity in the GTA [Toronto Star Interview]. Available here.

Da Costa, J. (2021, April 12). Ep. 007 The People’s Pantry [Atlas of Resistance Podcast]. Available here.

Da Costa, J. (2021, Sept 23). The People’s Pantry [Vimeo Documentary]. Available at:

Da Costa, J. (2020, Oct 20). Reasons to Love Toronto. No. 1: Because our home chefs are feeding the hungry [Toronto Life Feature]. Available at: here.

Da Costa, J. (2020, June 3). ‘The People’s Pantry’ Gives Free Food to Torontonians Experiencing Food Insecurity [HuffPost Canada Interview]. Available here

Da Costa, J. (2020, March 7). Re: Framing Gender Exhibition [Trans Fashion Exhibition Interview]. Available here.

Upcoming and Recent Conference Presentations & Panels

Cavanaugh, L., Da Costa, J., Stapleton, S., & Sun, C. (2023). Wayward Futurities and Dream Mapping. Disability Arts and Crip Futurities in Canada, Trent University, October. 

Da Costa, J. (2023). Collective Memory, Historical Whitewashing, and HIV/AIDS Activism: A Methodological Exploration. Annual Meeting of the Canadian Sociological Association Conference, Toronto, ON, June

Brightwell, L., Cavanaugh, L., Da Costa, J., Schwartz, A; Yoon, J.T., Osei, C. (2023). Critical Femininity Studies: A Roundtable on Current Questions and New Directions. The Sexuality Studies Association’s Annual Conference, Toronto, June.

Da Costa, J. (2023). Erotic Pedagogy: Anti-Racist Sexual Education. Interdisciplinary Conference: 30 Years of Stone Butch Blues–Memories and Visions. Virtual, May.

Panel Organizer

Anane-Bediakoh, B., Ali, N., & Da Costa, J. (2023). Exploring the Otherwise Worlds of Racialized and Indigenous People. Annual Meeting of the Canadian Sociological Association Conference, Toronto, ON, May-June.


Da Costa, J. & Wood, L. (2023). Remembering Tomorrow: Social Movements and Collective Memory. Annual Meeting of the Canadian Sociological Association Conference, Toronto, ON, May-June. 

Select Invited Talks

Da Costa, J. (2023). “Wealth Inequality.” Young Lead Impact Workshop Series with Thrive Youth (Session 3), Youth Development Canada, April 19 (Digital Panel). 

Da Costa, J. (2022). “Erotic Pedagogy: Sex Education by and for QTBIPOC.” SOGI UBC Research to Practice Microgrant Program 2022 Conference, University of British Columbia, May (Digital Panel). 

Da Costa, J. (2021). “Food justice, Sovereignty, and Security.” Victoria College Sustainability Commission, Toronto, ON, March (Digital Panel). Available here.

DeGrey, T., Aiello, D., Da Costa, J., and Turner, L. (2021). “Mutual Aid Panel.” Studies in National and International Development, Queens University, February (Digital Panel).


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