Community Organizing

The People's Pantry - Cofounder and Executive Member 

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a handful of QTW/BPOC community organizers and graduate students from UofT and YorkU began providing free home-cooked meals and groceries to folx across the GTHA who were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. We have since banded together to form The People’s Pantry: a Toronto-based grassroots initiative dedicated to safely providing and delivering home cooked meals and grocery care packages to food insecure families in/near the GTHA. Free of charge, not questions asked, no fixed address required. 

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New Sociology: Journal of Critical Praxis - Founder and EIC

New Sociology is a peer reviewed, academic journal organized and maintained by QTW/BPOC sociology graduate students at York university. Read our inaugural issue or submit to our journa here.  

Media presence


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Invited Talks

Da Costa, Jade Crimson Rose. (2021). “Food justice, Sovereignty, and Security.” Victoria College Sustainability Commission, Toronto, ON, March (Digital Panel). 


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Recent Conference Presentations

Da Costa, Jade Crimson Rose. 2021. “Monstrous Awakenings: Queer Necropolitics in Vivek Shraya and Ness Lee’s Death Threat.” The Sexuality Studies Association's Annual Conference, virtual conference, June. 

Da Costa, Jade Crimson Rose. 2021. “The "New" White Feminism: Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism and the Problem of Biological Determinism in Feminist Theory.” The 5th International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology, Porto Alegre, Brazil, February.

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Recent Conference Panels

Ali, Naydia, Anane-Bediakoh, Beatrice, and Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa. 2021. “Breaking Apart the Margins: Unpacking the Politics of Exclusion”. The 5th International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology, Porto Alegre, Brazil, February.